January 27, 2015

Oriental Belly Dance Boo! Boos! and Benefits #3

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So let’s have a look at one of our most well known and best loved dance movements – the hip circle – and explore whether we are healing or hurting our Lower Back. If we are doing very small hip circles, it is almost impossible to injure ourselves, but as soon as we venture into the large full range hip circle, we should be very careful to:

  • Make sure that we create the circle with our knees and simply allow the pelvis to follow the movement of the knees.
  • Avoid leaning backwards at the lowest point of your spine when the pelvis is tracing of the circle.

More details are coming up in my next article, but I think that this video of young, vivacious Nagwaa Foud will make it clear at 1:00 into the video, what not to do if you love your lower back…ouch!

  • Keep the entire back perfectly straight when dropping our torso down in front of the legs.

When the entire back is straight the lower back does not take any strain from the weight of the upper torso and therefore 100% safeguards the spine against muscle strain. This is also an exceptionally beneficial way to strengthen the muscles of entire upper, mid and low back, especially when both of your arms are held beside the torso and the elbows are pressed slightly back. If we do the full torso drop front, with the back straight this becomes and amazing way to decompress and relax all of the joints of our entire spine!!

Here is the ever adorable and gorgeous Fifi Abdo with a great demonstration at 6:30 into the video, but I can guarantee you will love the prelude to hip circle.

This is actually one of my very favourite movements of the Egyptian dance repertoire, especially when we take our time to very slowly and deliciously ease down and then return to full, upright and elegant posture.

For any of you who are not familiar with my hip circle technique, you can find a very clear explanation and mini video in my website dictionary by going to www.hadia.com and signing up with your name and email address and I also recommend my “Body Logic” online video for very clear directions and some very interesting variations. Just click on this link http://www.hadia.com/register/bl4bdrt

Meanwhile, stay tuned the next article!

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