Certified Instructor Training

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Level 1 | Level 2 | Level 3

Level 1

  • Establishing the Learning Environment

Establish prior experience of students
Goals / Intentions
Confidentiality and Risk taking
Ground Rules

  • Safe and Effective Warm Ups

Hadia’s Body Logic Technique

  • Essential Movements and Steps
  • Body Awareness

Essential Posture
Injury Prevention

Vertebral Joints
Torso Abdomen and Back Muslces
Hips and Thighs

  • Hadia’s Harmony vs. Isolations 
  • 1,001 Variations – Part 1
  • Transitions – Part 1
  • Teaching Theories and Principles

4 Styles of Learning
Class Planning Concepts and Basics

  • Essential Oriental Rhythms


With steps
With arms
With shimmies

  • Understanding Middle Eastern Music

Basic Beat
Essential Rhythms
Essential Instruments

  • History, Origins and Evolution of Oriental Dance
  • Cool Downs 
  • Feedback from the Students – How and Why to Gather it 

This course involves both theory and practical application.

Recommended Preparation – Hadia’s Ultimate Belly Dance System 4 set DVD and Hadia’s Body Logic for Belly Dance Online Run-Through prior to beginning the course.

Level 2

Initiation into Presentation Skills of Level 1

Course Content

  • Warm Up Alternatives
  • More Anatomy for Oriental Dance

Shoulders Joints
Shoulder and Arm Muscles
Hip Joints

  • Alignment recognition and correction
  • Finger Cymbals Combinations with Movements and Steps
  • Finger Cymbals with Basic Rhythms
  • Intermediate Rhythms  
  • Music Appreciation and Interpretation
  • The Bottom Line Basics of our Movements – Estoda
  • Objectives and Course Planning  
  • Stretch and Strengthening Principles and Exercises  
  • Improvisation Skills
  • Professionalism and Ethics Part I
  • Cool Downs The Whys and Hows
  • Growing from Feedback

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 1

 Level 3

  • Communication Skills
  • Applied Advanced Anatomy
  • Assessment of Basic / Intermediate Technique
  • Complex Movements Breakdown into and Building from the Basics
  • Principles and Applications of Body Balance
  • The Art of Improvisation Continued
  • And Still More Rhythms
  • The Art of Finger Cymbals Applied to Complex Rhythms with Movements
  • Advanced Music Interpretation
  • Middle Eastern Dance Styles
  • Props
  • Professionalism and Ethics Part II
  • Basic Business Skills

Prerequisite: Completion of Level 2

Throughout the course, Hadia will continually assess participants on their technical skills, understanding of rhythms and music, communication skills, and their ability to present and explain information. A satisfactory level of skill and understanding must be demonstrated by participants in order to receive their Teacher Training Certificate of Achievement.

Recommended:  Study of Hadia’s Ultimate Belly Dance System 4 set DVD prior to beginning the course.  

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